Monday, November 25, 2013

Profile Picture

:) Just a note about my profile picture. I've been wanting to change my picture but need to download some-till I can-I wanted a picture telling something about me-so what better than a postcard from my home. :) Here are some more-have a blessed day.

Cold :)

Today is a beautiful cold day .We heat with a wood heater so our place is tosty warm.My parents next door heat with gas-it just isn't as warm to me .I told my dad that I would build a fire in their fireplace on Wednesday-high is to be in the 30's and that will help to take the chill off of the house more.Still working on pictures to post. :( Wonderful day at church yesterday,am thankfull for my church family. Have a blessed day. :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Life Continues :)

A new to us pc(a blessing from some angels)-ours had fried and since most of my son's schooling is done on computer -it put us in a bind. But God always takes care of us - just have faith-and I can start "blogging" again-this I do for my joy :) have a blessed day