Friday, December 20, 2013

C.W.C. Christmas togeatherness

C.W.C. is Christian Women's Circle-the women's group that I belong to at my church. I joined it not long after I began going there.After last night -I looked back in my heart pictures (these are pictures that only exist in memory- I got this saying from my mama :) ) I thought about all that has changed in 10 years.-My twins will be 12 this Saturday.I have known 3 preachers(loved them all )The first ( Dr. Herston invited us there-He baptisted the twins at 6 months.-He was lost in a car wreak a couple years ago.)I think of all who have passed and are so missed(for me -Mrs.Verma and my blessed Maria ).Many have moved on -children who have grown up-married-have babies. :):):):) I think of how myself -how I have changed(I still not as out spoken as I should be :) ) but I have grown-found the strength to do what was best for me and the twins -found the love of my life(the daddy the twins didn't have but now do),gone through my son's diagnosis of autism -my father's near death from a stroke-my mother's slow journey into dementia -my daughter growing into a beautiful young lady-the journey into homeschooling with my son. I recall calling Lynn at 2 in the morning because D.M's nose wouldn't stop bleeding-the many times Jean just listened - Maria's joy the Eric likes to give me jewrey -Mama Pat-Jeanie-Susan-Varolie-Kathy-Kim-Marsha-Jennifer-praying with me even when I ramble :) - Emily - Angela and Cindy as mothers in arms with young children growing much too fast.Dorthy Ann being a double blessing as a pastor and friend. This post is a thank you to ones that can never be thanked enough .And I haven't touched the rest of my church.Thank You

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas' stories

One of my favorite Christmas' stories is "The Bird's Christmas'Carol" by KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN. :) It is a very old but wonderful story-I still cry at the end but it is always a bitter sweet cry. You can find it online at . :)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

1st Day of Advent

This year me and my twins are doing a Jesse Tree.They drew their onaments this evening.We studied God creating the heavens and the earth.D.M. drew the earth.D.K. drew animals along with his beloved dinosaurs . I have a gift of song.I'm still learning how to put things here but pictures I can usally do.Be blessed.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Profile Picture

:) Just a note about my profile picture. I've been wanting to change my picture but need to download some-till I can-I wanted a picture telling something about me-so what better than a postcard from my home. :) Here are some more-have a blessed day.

Cold :)

Today is a beautiful cold day .We heat with a wood heater so our place is tosty warm.My parents next door heat with gas-it just isn't as warm to me .I told my dad that I would build a fire in their fireplace on Wednesday-high is to be in the 30's and that will help to take the chill off of the house more.Still working on pictures to post. :( Wonderful day at church yesterday,am thankfull for my church family. Have a blessed day. :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Life Continues :)

A new to us pc(a blessing from some angels)-ours had fried and since most of my son's schooling is done on computer -it put us in a bind. But God always takes care of us - just have faith-and I can start "blogging" again-this I do for my joy :) have a blessed day

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Camp Sumatanga

I am without my lovely daughter for a whole week-I feel like crying but I shalln't because she is happy.:)
She is at Camp Sumatanga(a Methodist Church camp).
It is so pretty up there.This week will be such a blessing for her.
Love to all .
And as I always tell her-Make God Proud.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

tired but shouldn't be :)

Been busy with this and that and the other-and still behind.
My daddy is doing therapy to improve his walking,he isn't enjoying it. :(
My sister was in a wreck ,it totaled her car-the other person hit her.
Getting ready for my daughter to go to camp.

Prayerfully,this will be a better blog to read tommorrow.

A bit from when my mama was younger. :)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rain :)

Want to see a rainbow.
We have enough rain right now . :)
Need to dry out. :)

Ok-got that out of my system.:)
I did not read my "Our Daily Bread" devotion this morning,befor going to church.It is on churches which don't seem to remember that churches are for sinners not saints.I am very thankful that my "other" family-i.e. my church family has always been there since we began going there-they have seen me through a divorce-through learning that my sweet babyboy is autistic-they were joyful when Eric and I married-they are there for us.Sometimes, I wonder why? I have never veiwed myself as very worthy but I have always been greatful and pray that my "family" always knows how greatful I am.
I'm told that I have a good heart-no I don't-I just know that God created us all and Jesus died for us all so how could/can I ever look down on anyone.
Thank you dear Lord-for friends ,for family,for you dear Lord-always.
I Samuel 16:7
Isa. 55:1
Love to all.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Have a Blessed Fourth of July

It is a rainy day here in Clay County , AL.
Don't know if we will get to do all that is planned but very glad to live here.
"We do not look at the things which are seen,but at the things which are not seen."-II Cor. 4:18
We may not get to see fireworks today but we will(we live in the country and Eric bought some and we will get to shot them off).We can't see inside a person but by the "outside" actions we see the "spirt" inside.
Dear Lord,
   May my outside and inside glory You.-Amen
Have a blessed day-i'm getting better at this bloging-little by little :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

not much today

wanted to share some of "my" postcards :)

I make them using pictures I take on trips or around home :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

remember your joy today

I came across a prayer online yesterday-I loved the words -it was for one child so I changed some because I wanted it for my twins-then I thought do I have a picture that I  could "write" it on-this picture is from our trip to Panama City Beach,FL this year-I feel it turned out well :)

I wrote remember your joy today-why is that so hard???? 

I know that today when I feel the devil trying to take my joy-I have backup today.
We had our CWC(Christian Women's Circle) metting last night-and there is just something about knowing
that you have friends who have your back-that makes it harder for the devil to steal my joy.
Well, the sun is up-it is time to check on my mama and popisan.

Another way to build your on joy up is to bring someone else up. :)
"Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit,but in the lowliness of mind
let each esteem others better than himself."-Phil.2:3

Monday, June 24, 2013

It's Monday


My love is off to work and the twins are still asleep. So it is just me and the inside cat babies.
I have the claymation "The Adventures of Mark Twain" on CINEMON for us.(right now it is background noise)
I have figured out that i'll probly write this as if I were on the phone with my Aunt Luneal /Aunt Jane or my oldest friend Toni.As I can i'll begin to post pictures-beautiful sceanry here in the country.
Today i'm using Our Daily Bread for my morning devotional.
The main verse is from John 16:33-"These things I have spoken to you,that in Me you have have peace."
Peace is something that we all want and need,but it seems so far away at times.
And at times it is right there.
But this is the world view, God's view is that peace is there always,but we feel unworthy.
Aren't we forgeting something very important(John 3:16/17).
We are never worthy while we dwell on earth but Jesus is and with his death we have peace in all times
here on earth.
That does my heart so much good. :)
Does it yours?

In a bit i'll go to my facebook page(it must be my connection or this pc but facebook doesn't always work good for me :(  ) but I do my best to check on my "friends" on there.
A good prayer tip -try and look at your friend list at once a week and pray for all on your list,even if you have some unfriend "friends" on your list,do it even if you don't feel good or are mad at the world.
It is amazing how it can change your outlook for the day or even week. :)

note:if I don't post each day--I may be gone or my internet conection may be funny.

Dear Lord ,
A prayer for any who may read this(whenever) and a thank you for peace that is always ours.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

new to this

Well-this is my first blog-some would say what would I have to talk about?

Well-this and that and the other.

Dragonflys and frogs and sweet children of mine.

I was inspired by two blogs-1st-the lovely Lauren Nall-her blog is
She uses it to raise awarness about running and body image issues.
The other blog is the beautiful blog myfrenchcountryhome.

I will post about my Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ.-John 3:16
I will post about being a at home mama(thanks to my wonderful husband).
I will post about my sweet twins(a boy and a girl -born 2001).
I will post about autism(my son is autistic).
I will post about my church(1st United Methodist of Lineville,AL).
I will post about Incredible Famlies(our autism support group).
I will post about homeschooling(we will be going into our 2nd year with our son-our daughter attends
public school-it is about what is best for both our children and us).
I will post about helping take care of parents in their later years.
I will mostly post about my life and my veiws on this life.
I will post about lifelines that we form here on earth.
It will take me time to learn about all this ,please be kind and take your time with me.
Much love to all-for we are told to love and not hate ,even though hateing is easier.