Friday, December 20, 2013

C.W.C. Christmas togeatherness

C.W.C. is Christian Women's Circle-the women's group that I belong to at my church. I joined it not long after I began going there.After last night -I looked back in my heart pictures (these are pictures that only exist in memory- I got this saying from my mama :) ) I thought about all that has changed in 10 years.-My twins will be 12 this Saturday.I have known 3 preachers(loved them all )The first ( Dr. Herston invited us there-He baptisted the twins at 6 months.-He was lost in a car wreak a couple years ago.)I think of all who have passed and are so missed(for me -Mrs.Verma and my blessed Maria ).Many have moved on -children who have grown up-married-have babies. :):):):) I think of how myself -how I have changed(I still not as out spoken as I should be :) ) but I have grown-found the strength to do what was best for me and the twins -found the love of my life(the daddy the twins didn't have but now do),gone through my son's diagnosis of autism -my father's near death from a stroke-my mother's slow journey into dementia -my daughter growing into a beautiful young lady-the journey into homeschooling with my son. I recall calling Lynn at 2 in the morning because D.M's nose wouldn't stop bleeding-the many times Jean just listened - Maria's joy the Eric likes to give me jewrey -Mama Pat-Jeanie-Susan-Varolie-Kathy-Kim-Marsha-Jennifer-praying with me even when I ramble :) - Emily - Angela and Cindy as mothers in arms with young children growing much too fast.Dorthy Ann being a double blessing as a pastor and friend. This post is a thank you to ones that can never be thanked enough .And I haven't touched the rest of my church.Thank You

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