Monday, June 24, 2013

It's Monday


My love is off to work and the twins are still asleep. So it is just me and the inside cat babies.
I have the claymation "The Adventures of Mark Twain" on CINEMON for us.(right now it is background noise)
I have figured out that i'll probly write this as if I were on the phone with my Aunt Luneal /Aunt Jane or my oldest friend Toni.As I can i'll begin to post pictures-beautiful sceanry here in the country.
Today i'm using Our Daily Bread for my morning devotional.
The main verse is from John 16:33-"These things I have spoken to you,that in Me you have have peace."
Peace is something that we all want and need,but it seems so far away at times.
And at times it is right there.
But this is the world view, God's view is that peace is there always,but we feel unworthy.
Aren't we forgeting something very important(John 3:16/17).
We are never worthy while we dwell on earth but Jesus is and with his death we have peace in all times
here on earth.
That does my heart so much good. :)
Does it yours?

In a bit i'll go to my facebook page(it must be my connection or this pc but facebook doesn't always work good for me :(  ) but I do my best to check on my "friends" on there.
A good prayer tip -try and look at your friend list at once a week and pray for all on your list,even if you have some unfriend "friends" on your list,do it even if you don't feel good or are mad at the world.
It is amazing how it can change your outlook for the day or even week. :)

note:if I don't post each day--I may be gone or my internet conection may be funny.

Dear Lord ,
A prayer for any who may read this(whenever) and a thank you for peace that is always ours.

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