Sunday, June 23, 2013

new to this

Well-this is my first blog-some would say what would I have to talk about?

Well-this and that and the other.

Dragonflys and frogs and sweet children of mine.

I was inspired by two blogs-1st-the lovely Lauren Nall-her blog is
She uses it to raise awarness about running and body image issues.
The other blog is the beautiful blog myfrenchcountryhome.

I will post about my Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ.-John 3:16
I will post about being a at home mama(thanks to my wonderful husband).
I will post about my sweet twins(a boy and a girl -born 2001).
I will post about autism(my son is autistic).
I will post about my church(1st United Methodist of Lineville,AL).
I will post about Incredible Famlies(our autism support group).
I will post about homeschooling(we will be going into our 2nd year with our son-our daughter attends
public school-it is about what is best for both our children and us).
I will post about helping take care of parents in their later years.
I will mostly post about my life and my veiws on this life.
I will post about lifelines that we form here on earth.
It will take me time to learn about all this ,please be kind and take your time with me.
Much love to all-for we are told to love and not hate ,even though hateing is easier.

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