Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rain :)

Want to see a rainbow.
We have enough rain right now . :)
Need to dry out. :)

Ok-got that out of my system.:)
I did not read my "Our Daily Bread" devotion this morning,befor going to church.It is on churches which don't seem to remember that churches are for sinners not saints.I am very thankful that my "other" family-i.e. my church family has always been there since we began going there-they have seen me through a divorce-through learning that my sweet babyboy is autistic-they were joyful when Eric and I married-they are there for us.Sometimes, I wonder why? I have never veiwed myself as very worthy but I have always been greatful and pray that my "family" always knows how greatful I am.
I'm told that I have a good heart-no I don't-I just know that God created us all and Jesus died for us all so how could/can I ever look down on anyone.
Thank you dear Lord-for friends ,for family,for you dear Lord-always.
I Samuel 16:7
Isa. 55:1
Love to all.

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