Sunday, July 20, 2014

To Do ----

I've desided to change how I do my blog and to incorporate my children and give them a chance to do more. 1st-I've desided to go off of the computer on Sunday's(this includes facebook)-this is my last Sunday-this is a person decision :):) :) 2nd-I home school(my son is gonning into his 3rd year of homeschool) and I've desided to let others in on it :)-so each Saturday will be homeschool this week-also I will add any extras about my daughter who starts 7th grade in public school this year 3rd-I'm gonna use my blog as a living lesson for my twins-so Mondays will be "Mondays with Daveen Mae"and Wednesday will be "Wednesdays with David" 4th-that will leave me Tuesdays and Thursdays for my ramblings :) May God bless all

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