Saturday, October 11, 2014

kitten or coffee

I haven't posted in a while( sickness-a lot of junk)-and I set aside Saturday to post about homeschooling but I've neglected to take photos(see above reason)so this post is about kittens and coffee . Do I hear "HUH? ".

Well ,we live right next door to my parents -right next door.And when their coffee pot went out-I just took mine over.So I go over each morning and check on them and put the coffee on -so this morning I over sleep-I know horrible .So I get over there and they have just gotten up also-so I put the coffee on and check about their meds and go back to my place-while waiting for the coffee to perk.I decided to check my emails and such ,so here comes my baby kitten-he climbs up and goes" mama , your arm" so I bring my arm up and he settles against my chest and goes to sleep.Well ,I see the time and decide to go and get a cup of coffee,which lets to a discussion with the kitten about me getting up and he says "mama, do you really need a cup of coffee-isn't a warm sleeping kitten better." and I say "yes ,but mama wants/needs a cup of coffee "-so I get up and go over to get a cup of coffee and I should have stayed with the kitten. Just one of many days here lately .

This is the baby that was arguing with me ( he is a little bigger now but not much ).
I'll put a picture of how he likes for me to hold him when I remember .
Peace,May God Bless 

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