Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Do you ever walked through a house that isn't there anymore ?

Do you ever find yourself walking through houses/buildings that aren't there anymore?
I guess this doesn't seem to make sense but it does,at least to me.Sometimes, I'll be driving and may pass a house or where a house was.Many are places  that my material grandparents lived . My momo once said that if papa wasn't trading cars he was trading houses . Some many houses :) .The brick house that they lived in when I turned ten.The wood house that they were living in when papa died isn't there anymore .The old apartments in town.And it isn't just their old homes , but also my daddy's parents old place.The house that Uncle Bill lived in , Pace's Feed Mill , Aunt Dimple's close to the school, the library before it was changed .Also, stores on the square in Ashland that have either changed or taken down.Sometimes when I feel out of sorts or too much is in my mind ,I walk through places from my past and feel God walking with me and am reminded that He was with me then and He is with me now and life has a bright spot no matter how dark things seem. :)

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